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 [Ranks and Organization]

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PostSubject: [Ranks and Organization]   Tue Jan 22, 2008 5:33 am

These are basically the only rules we have in the alliance other than the "[PK/PVP Rules]" thread.

Listen to what the leader says.

The superiority of ranking of the leaders are as follows.

Alliance Leader
: SirMumra/S1rMumra

Clan Leaders: Whoever they may be.

Please note, Sub-Clan Leaders are not considered as a Leader within the alliance. Sub-Clan Leaders are leaders withing their own clan.
I better not see any Sub-Clan Leader trying to order anyone around who is not in their clan, lest they want to be pked by me.

That is all, this will be updated periodically if SirMumra or any Clan Leader can find anything I need to add or change.

[Side Note: I, Milky, am only considered a sub-leader of the clan RaidGodz. So for anyone who was wondering my rank, there it is. This rank stands true until Mumra and the rest of the Clan Leaders in the alliance wishes to promote me or something O_o.]


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[Ranks and Organization]
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