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 I miss you guys...and girls too, definitely the girls

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PostSubject: I miss you guys...and girls too, definitely the girls   Wed Nov 12, 2008 12:16 am

every now and then I remember how much fun it was at castle sieges, raids, and just mass pvp against other alliances. I just took a look at the pvp/pk rankings on l2revenge and still see some of our people way up there king
I don't know if anyone even comes to look at this forum anymore but this place just brings back old happy memories of when we were all together still. Hope i'm not the only one who feels this way, cause then i'd feel like a little pussy and wouldn't dare show my face anywhere again. I hope everyone's doing well, hope you chain smokers aren't coughing up your lungs, you know who you are.

mumra, my awesome clan leader, I miss you and I'm sorry our alliance had to crash and burn, but regardless you were like a father and a great friend and made my stay on l2 lots of fun and totally worthwhile.

Hope we can all play together again someday, yall are an awesome bunch of people.
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I miss you guys...and girls too, definitely the girls
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