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PostSubject: Corruption??   Sun Jan 27, 2008 7:09 pm

Well this was said in irc last night...

Quote :
[01:04am] [SigmaCub] good to see u
[01:04am] [SigmaCub] where have u been
[01:05am] [SigmaCub] shit you are missing the action in seiges
[01:05am] join dougtim (~dougtim@daIRC-638BCE21.dothan.cable.graceba.net) [Internic Network]
[01:05am] [Scratch] no I was on earlier when you guys defended
[01:05am] [Scratch] was very good
[01:05am] [Scratch] have this funny thing called a job
[01:05am] [SigmaCub] great did u see nevillian tele port me right before i got goddar
[01:06am] [SigmaCub] 20 seconds was all i needed
[01:06am] [Howardstern] ...
[01:06am] [SigmaCub] lol
[01:06am] [SigmaCub] but it was great
[01:06am] [Scratch] yes he was a little freaked out

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